Gondola Manifesto

Gondola by TestArchitect is a low-code Test Automation solution for End-to-End Testing across Web, API, and Mobile Applications. Gondola builds upon the TestArchitect family’s already-powerful testing capabilities in many ways, including faster mobile and web testing as well as heightened support for mobile application testing.

LogiGear Product Manager Thuc Nguyen delves into why LogiGear created Gondola in our Gondola Manifesto.

Why We Created Gondola

  1. Testers should be at the front and center of Automation Testing. Unfortunately, technical difficulties sometimes undermine the role of testers who are not inclined to code. But that should not be the case. Testers with good testing mindsets, great test design skills, and strong domain knowledge should be at the front and center of all Automation Testing activities––regardless of their technical levels. Gondola, with its feature-rich test development tools, was designed with this “testers-first” mindset.
  2. Automation tests should be highly maintainable. Flaky tests take away the power of Automation Testing. They are the main reason behind the failure of so many test projects. Testers should be able to fix flaky tests in their DevOps pipelines and get the Automation suites up and running again with little or no help from developers. Gondola reduces the need for coding so that testers can maintain the framework on their own.
  3. Testers should be able to create tests in high-volumes with less effort. There must be an easy-to-use alternative to high-code Automation libraries like Selenium and Appium. Testers should spend less time fixing broken tests and more time on high-value activities––like automating more tests with Gondola or performing exploratory testing on critical business flows.
  4. Monolithic tools are a thing in the past. Application development nowadays requires a wide range of technologies––so wide that it’s no longer possible for one monolithic tool to serve all testing needs! Testers and developers must mix and match tools to fit their unique use cases. Gondola’s open architecture enables countless customizations and extensibility so that you can adapt and thrive. 
  5. We are proud to help testers all over the world succeed in their Automation endeavors with Gondola. Our success is measured by yours. Every tester should feel inspired, empowered and well-equipped to overcome the challenges of Test Automation and surpass expectations in all possible aspects. First and foremost, Gondola must meet our end-users where they are.
Thuc Nguyen
Thuc Nguyen has been leading the product teams at LogiGear in delivering quality Test Automation solutions to LogiGear’s customers and services clients. Thuc has a great passion for helping organizations transform their Test Automation, Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices, as well as empowering testers of all technical levels to thrive in complex enterprise environments.
Thuc Nguyen on Linkedin

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