Jaroslav Prochazka

Jaroslav Prochazka works as an Agile/Lean coach at Tieto Corporation and has been in IT for the past 11 years, starting as Java developer. He has more than five years of experience coaching and mentoring in distributed environments: coaching development, support and maintenance teams inside and outside Tieto. He has worked with about 400 people and has trained more than 800 to date. Jaroslav earned his PhD at the University of Ostrava in 2007 and now teaches software development and information systems there. He speaks at international conferences like IBM RSDC 2009, Information Systems Development 2010, and the International Conference on Global Software Engineering 2011. Jaroslav is an author of the recently published book, Operate IT Differently: Agile and Lean Support and Maintenance of IT Services and Information Systems (in Czech) and runs the blog www . differ.cz , which features articles, eBooks and templates in both Czech and English. You can contact author at jaroslav.prochazka@tieto.com Tieto is a European Service provider delivering IT services and products to customers worldwide with the key focus on the Scandinavian market. We serve customers in various industry domains, namely telecommunication, banking and insurance, public or retail. The Tieto headcount is currently around 18,000 employees, with more than 5000 in near and offshore delivery centres in Middle and Eastern Europe and Asia. Our team, supporting important deliveries in Tieto, consists of 16 Agile and Lean coaches seated in the Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland. We help projects and services on a daily basis to remove obstacles, and to improve and start learning cycles. Our vision is to increase teams’ productivity and remove delivery waste, and also to set up proactive cooperation with customers. We strive to change the way people think as well as their attitudes, while respecting their daily issues, limitations and human nature. Our services are Agile and Lean training sessions, conducted for various roles, as well as hands-on implementation support primarily through coaching. We regularly present our achievements and working methods at international conferences (e.g. XP2010, ICGSE2011, Lean IT Summit).
Coaching in Distributed Teams: Challenge, Nonsense or Added Value?

Have you ever tried to push heterogeneous groups of people to move in the same direction? It is quite a challenge, isn’t it? And now, imagine this s

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