Automating & Testing a REST API by Alan Richardson

A case-study using: Java, REST Assured, Postman, Tracks, Curl and HTTP Proxies This is the first book review I have written on my site. So of course I

Pairwise for API Testing: A CI/CD Friendly Model Based Automation

An approach to secure maintainability and scalability for API testing projects One of the most important tasks in API testing is designing the input d

All About API Testing

APIs are the unsung hero of our connected world We live in an exciting age of intelligence, where progress moves at the speed of imagination. We are c

TestArchitect Corner: Authentication Methods in API Testing

These are the popular authentication methods in TestArchitect Authentication in API testing is usually a complicated subject for both developers and t

TestArchitect Corner: Codeless API Testing

API testing has long been misunderstood as well-confined in the territory of developers. It’s natural to think that we must write code to test our c

LogiGear Magazine – June 2015 – All About API Testing


Solutions for Testing Web Services

An overview of web service testing solutions for traditional or non-technical testers. Much has been written on the technical execution of API tests,

How APIs Are Disrupting the Way We Think

APIs are subtly altering our expectations that there should be an app for everything. The concept of disruption has been given regal status across b

Learn API Testing in 10 Minutes!!!

API testing is different from GUI testing, but it doesn’t take long to master. What is an API? API is an acronym for Application Programming Inte