Achieving Automation Success: Using Action Based Testing in TestArchitect

Achieving success with automated testing can be difficult. With the combination of Action Based Testing and TestArchitect, success is possible. Avoidi

BDD and ABT: Game Changing Test Methods

Two powerful test methods for fast-paced development organizations As development teams have been pushed faster and into tighter scrum sprints, testin

How To: ABT Test Module Template

LogiGear Corporation   LogiGear Corporation provides global solutions for software testing, and offers public and corporate software-testing training

ABT: More than Keywords

ABT and Keyword-driven testing – Similarities and Differences Both Keyword-driven testing and Action Based Testing (ABT) use a test authoring ap

Action-Based Testing, a New Perspective

The best part of Action-Basted Testing is that it is for thinking people. It is intelligent and creative. It is a much saner way to evolve a testing p

Modern Module Based Keyword Test Automation for Visual Studio

Joe LuthyJoe Luthy has over 15 years product marketing experience in technology and Internet services for major companies including AT&T and Veris

Action Based Testing: The Solution for Agile Test Automation

To address the challenges and fears of implementing Automation in Agile projects, LogiGear CTO Hans Buwalda presents Action Based Testing as the answe

Agile Test Development with Action Based Testing – by Hans Buwalda

Agile methods are becoming more and more popular and successful for developing IT systems. Typical properties of an Agile method, like Extreme Program

The Potential and Risks of Keyword Based Testing

Introduction Keyword Based Testing is gaining ground. More and more organizations see this model, in which tests are not scripted but written as a ser