Developing A Mobile Testing Strategy

In today’s mobile-first world, a good app is important, meaning an effective Mobile Testing strategy is  essential.  

Book Review: The Mobile Analytics Playbook

  Mobile analytics experts Julian Harty and Antoine Aymer have teamed up to deliver a 161-page handbook designed to help you “enhance the quali

LogiGear Magazine – December 2016 – Riding the New Software Testing Wave: SMAC

LogiGear_Magazine_December 2016_Riding the New Software Testing Wave  

How to Test Your Data Warehouse

To start with, we need a Test schedule. The same is created in the process of developing the Test plan. In this schedule, we have to estimate the time

Strategize Your ’Mobile App Testing’ with ’M-Analytics’

Convergence of Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, & Cloud [SMAC] is one of the hottest trends these days. It is a major business agenda forcing or

Benefits of Mobile App Testing in the Cloud

The mobile application ecosystem is very dynamic. OEMs are launching new devices and new customization, and new OS versions are delivered every now an

The A&C of SMAC: Analytics and Cloud

In the last issue on testing the SMAC stack we talked about the social and mobile aspects of testing. We will be referring to them in this article. I

LogiGear Magazine – September 2016 – Testing SMAC Down

  LogiGear_Magazine_September 2016_Testing SMAC Down  

8 Lessons Learned in Mobile App Testing

I’ve spent the last six months or so testing mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Here’s eight of my key lessons learned: Automated UI testing to