Top 10 Mobile App Testing Mistakes to Avoid

This article will cover 10 common mobile app testing mistakes to avoid when you are a software tester working in a mobile app testing and development

LogiGear Magazine – Sept 2015 – Mobile Testing: It’s All in the UX

LogiGear Magazine, September 2015: Mobile Testing

You Need a Mobile Testing Strategy

Whether Or Not You Have a Mobile App You’re walking down the street. You see something interesting, and you want to know more about it. What do you

Mobile Testing Is Mission Critical

Users aren’t likely to forgive and forget buggy apps. Mobile has big implications for business. The mobile experience is the customer experience, an

Unwrapping the Box

Strategies to Approach Mobile Web App Testing Mobile web technology has been continuously changing over the past few years, making “keeping up” ch

Mobile & Web Performance Testing

Don’t make the mistake of assuming too many similarities. It is common knowledge that mobile applications don’t function in the same way as their

A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Application Testing

What you need to know to get started Introduction to mobile application testing Gone are the days when the telephone was an appliance that sat in a co

Free, Online Mobile Device Emulators

A sampling of some free, online, and easy-to-use mobile device emulators that can help get you started with testing. ScreenFly A free, customizable t

5 Mobile Testing Ebooks for Free Download

To help testers gain an edge, here’s a list of free resources Mobile testing is making leaps and bounds of progress in the overall testing space.