LogiGear Magazine June Issue 2020: Transform Your SDLC With Continuous Testing

LogiGear Magazine June Issue 2020: Transform Your SDLC With Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing, Part 2: Strategy and Automation Goals for Test Teams

DevOps has been described as Agile on Steroids; DevOps has also been described as Agile for Operations/IT. I like both of those descriptions. Many org

Book Review: Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals

For this month’s book review, I read Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals: A Practical Guide from Industry Experts, by various authors an

Continuous Delivery: Everything You Need to Know

Disclaimer: This article was originally published in the LogiGear Magazine, but has been updated for the June 2020 issue. Leading an organization into

LogiGear Magazine June Issue 2018: Testing in DevOps

LogiGear Magazine June Issue 2018: TESTING in DEVOPS

Q&A: Dave Farley on Everything Test Teams Need to Know

From the culture shift, to differences in Agile, Dave Farley and Michael Hackett discuss the nitty gritty of Testing in DevOps. For this issue of Logi

DevOps and Continuous Testing: Better Together

Sauce Lab’s Perspective on Integration with Continuous Testing The term ‘DevOps’ implies that implementing an effective development and pro

Continuous Delivery Archives

Over the years we’ve provided an extensive number of articles, videos, and infographics that provide a wealth of knowledge about Continuous Delivery

Fulfilling the Need for Continuous Improvement with DevOps Dojos

How to Adopt the “Third Way” in the Dojo’s Method to Master CD In The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and