LogiGear Magazine December Outsourcing Reinvented Issue 2017

LogiGear Magazine December Outsourcing Reinvented Issue 2017

7 Unexpected Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

A lot of people still think primarily about cost-cutting as the main motivation to outsource software development projects to offshore or nearshore p

Leader’s Pulse: Enhancing Communication & Trust with Offshore Teams

Whenever the subject of managing remote teams arises, most leads and managers that I know would prefer that the work remain in their home office.

LogiGear Magazine – December 2014 – Talent Sourcing and the State of Outsourcing Today

 LogiGear_Magazine_December 2014_Talent_Sourcing_The_State_of_Outsourcing_Today

Why Onshore vs. Offshore Isn’t the Right Question

Well publicized offshore outsourcing challenges, a narrowing labor-cost gap, and political considerations have some rethinking how to approach outsou

When You Need Testers Now, Who Can You Trust

Options for getting outsourced testing help when you need it most. There are times when organizations need to increase testing for a regular release,

Four Steps to a Successful Service Engagement

Using an outsourcing firm with technical know-how and sound processes adds value from the very beginning. Flexible outsourcing, in particular offshori

Outsourcing Trends, It’s No Longer Just About Cost

The 2014 Outsourcing World Summit, organized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), shed some light on the technology t

Ethics in IT Outsourcing

Ethics in IT Outsourcing by Tandy Gold is a surprisingly great read on the ethics in IT outsourcing as well as IT ethics and business ethics more gene