Landscapes of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of contrasts due to its geography. This makes the country unique as it offers travelers the ability to experience a multitude of

Vietnam Scope: Beaches Abound

Whether you’re looking for a 5-star resort or a UNESCO World Heritage site,Vietnam’s 2025 mile coastline has something for everyone. Vietnam is a

Vietnam: Rice Country

Rice and Vietnam are almost synonymous. Not only does the staple make up the country’s culinary soul, it also helps keep its people in good health.

Coaching in Distributed Teams: Challenge, Nonsense or Added Value?

Have you ever tried to push heterogeneous groups of people to move in the same direction? It is quite a challenge, isn’t it? And now, imagine this s

Viet Nam’s ‘Golden Age’

Viet Nam is entering its economic ‘Golden Age.’ Will the final picture resemble Japan or Thailand?

HCMC: Motorbike City

Ingenuity reigns as the Vietnamese prove that cars are second best when it comes to transporting heavy loads and entire families.

LogiGear Magazine – September 2011 – the Offshoring and Outsourcing Issue

LogiGear Magazine – September 2011 – The Offshoring and Outsourcing Issue

Viet Nam’s Next Generation

Hong Mai has always been interested in computers since the beginning. She recalls having written her first script and thought it was amazing. “Writi

Vipul Gupta

Software Testing to Software Engineering According to analysts, the growing dependence on software testing to improve product quality is resulting in