Minh Ngo

Minh Ngo started his testing journey in 2008 as a Technical Engineer for Personal Navigation Devices at TomTom International B.V, Netherlands and joined LogiGear in 2012 as a Test Manager of TestArchitect product. He oversees LogiGear’s TCoE as Lead— responsibilities include R&D for automation, best practices, and testing services.
Pairwise for API Testing: A CI/CD Friendly Model Based Automation

An approach to secure maintainability and scalability for API testing projects One of the most important tasks in API testing is designing the input d

Case Study: Offshore Team Innovation Lab

Lab team brainstorming session Whether you work in engineering/product, operations, or even marketing, keeping your team trained and engaged with thei

Selenium 3.0 Review

With the new release of Selenium late last fall, it was viewed as a saving grace to many test teams. The launch of the upgrade came with the bonuses a

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