Scott Barber

Scott Barber is the CTO of PerfTestPlus, executive director of the Association for Software Testing (AST) and co-founder of the Workshop on Performance and Reliability (WOPR). A recognized expert in performance testing and analysis, he combines experience and a passion for solving performance problems with a context-driven approach the he sometimes calls a “scientific art” to produce accurate results. Scott is an international keynote speaker, trainer, consultant and writer of articles for a variety of publications. You can contact him at
How to Identify the Usual Performance Suspects

When You’re Out to Fix Bottlenecks, Be Sure You’re Able to Distinguish Them From System Failures and Slow Spots Bottlenecks are likely to

High-Performance Testing

This article first appeared in BETTER SOFTWARE, May/June 2005. Executives and managers, get your performance testing teams out of the pit and ahead of

An Explanation of Performance Testing on an Agile Team (Part 1 of 2)

Introduction This 2 article series describes activities that are central to successfully integrating application performance testing into an Agile pro

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