In the News – April 2013

Bugs in Tax Software Stop People From Filing Tax filing in the US was more difficult this year due to a glitch in some tax software programs. “We’

In the News – February 2013

VISTACON 2013 on The Horizon VISTACON 2013 will continue to bring top experts and professionals to Vietnam to share the latest and greatest developmen

In the News: December 2012

Video: Jean Ann Harrison on the challenges of mobile testing For testers who like a good challenge, the mobile arena is the place to be. LogiGear maga

In the News – September 2012

VISTACON 2013 ANNOUNCED In 2011, LogiGear partnered with software testing experts from companies such as Microsoft and EA to create a unique conferenc

In the News – July 2012

Chris Floyd Interview on Implementing Agile Development Michael Hackett sat down with FNC’s Chris Floyd to get his take on numerous Agile topics. Ch

In the News – April 2012

At VISTACON 2011, Jane sat down with LogiGear Sr. VP, Michael Hackett, to discuss 24/7 complex systems. As an industry veteran with more than fifteen

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Editorial Calendar Announced We look forward to an exciting and full 2012 as its predecessor was a tough year for many in the software business. At Lo