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LogiGear Corporation provides global solutions for software testing, and offers public and corporate software testing training programs worldwide through LogiGear University. LogiGear is a leader in the integration of test automation, offshore resources and US project management for fast, cost-effective results. Since 1994, LogiGear has worked with Fortune 500 companies to early-stage start-ups in, creating unique solutions to meet their clients’ needs. With facilities in the US and Viet Nam, LogiGear helps companies double their test coverage and improve software quality while reducing testing time and cutting costs.
In the News – December 2018

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LogiGear Magazine September Issue 2018: The Secrets to Better Test Automation

September Issue 2018: The Secrets to Better Test Automation  

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*You can check the answer key here

In the News – September 2018

AMAZON’S PRIME DAY TROUBLE: AN INSIDERS SCOOP Within the first 15 minutes of Prime Day, problems arose within Amazon’s capacity to handle traffic

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A list of terms that you'd easily encounter on your way to experience Software Testing, Software Development, and other IT concepts.

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