Julian Harty

Julian has been working in technology since 1980 and over the years has held an eclectic collection of roles and responsibilities: He was the first software test engineer at Google in Europe, the Tester at Large for eBay group, and has consulted and helped lots of companies and projects globally. He’s also been a company director for a mix of companies and startups. Currently, Julian combines commercial work, parttime Ph.D. studies, and helping with improving education, teaching and learning using low-cost mobile devices particularly for disadvantaged schools globally. He has authored several books, most recently the Mobile Analytics Playbook which can be downloaded for free at: http://www.themobileanalyticsplaybook.com/. You can find lots of his work, including opensource projects, online.
Pushing the Boundaries of Test Automation: an Overview of How to Automate the UX with Heuristics

One of my current responsibilities is to find ways to automate, as much as practical, the ‘testing’ of the user experience (UX) for complex web-ba

Test Automation Interfaces for Mobile Apps

What you need to know in order to have effective and reliable Test Automation for your mobile apps I realized that Test Automation interfaces are pivo

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