Action Based Testing (ABT)

The Action Based Testing™ method represents the continued evolution of the keyword-based testing approach and is the foundation of LogiGears test automation toolset, TestArchitect™, which uses keywords to create and automate the majority of tests without scripting of any kind.
Action-Based Testing (ABT) provides a powerful framework for organizing test design, automation and execution around keywords. In ABT, keywords are called actions-to make the concept absolutely clear. Actions are the tasks that are executed during a test. Rather than automating an entire test as one long script, tests are assembled using individual actions. Non-technical test engineers and business analysts can then define their tests as a series of these automated actions.
Unlike traditional test design, which begins with a written narrative that must be interpreted by each tester or automation engineer, ABT test design takes place in a spreadsheet format called a test module. Actions, test data, and any necessary GUI interface information are stored separately and referenced by the main test module.

Minh Ly

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