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At LogiGear, we’ve always prided ourselves on the content that we create. Our goal with each piece of content is to help inform our readers on cutting-edge testing practices and technology, thereby allowing them to transform their processes to reap the benefits of high-quality testing. As 2020 has come and gone, take a look at our best-performing magazine articles of 2020.

ETL Testing involves a highly iterative and adaptive development environment, making Manual Testing unpractical. Automation aides the frequent release of high-quality data, which is essential to ETL Testing.

Continuous Testing is a testing methodology that emphasizes testing earlier and testing more often in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) in order to improve quality and speed. Check out our 5 recommended best practices for teams looking to transition to Continuous Testing.

As organizations’ Agile methodologies become mature, one of the trends in software development is for Developers to take on more testing, and are eliminating the QA job function. In this article, written by Michael Hackett, we explore how Devs test, to misconceptions about Devs & the SDLC in this 1st part of a 2-part series.

Automated Testing is a huge part of DevOps, but without human-performed Quality Assurance testing, you’re increasing the risk of lower-quality software making it into production.

Where does QA Fit in Agile? In Agile, QA responsibilities can be overlooked or missed altogether. In this infographic, learn QA’s role in Agile and how it can bring both stability and relevance to the product.

There are so many aspects of any job that they don’t teach you about in school, and the Software Engineering field is no different! This is a collection of lessons learned in 5 years as a Software Engineer that are applicable and valuable for anyone to know in the software and technology fields.

This is part 1 of a 2-part series. The 1st part will discuss the culture and mindset around Agile, and how Agile Quadrants are used. Part 2 will discuss how to use the Agile Quadrant, the significance of Automation in Agile Quadrants, and how to use Agile Quadrants to overcome Quality Assurance headaches.

How do managers best serve their team? What makes a “good” manager? Do managers matter? In this final installation of Leader’s Pulse, Michael Hackett explores Google’s Project Oxygen and the evolving role of managers in today’s data-driven world.

Struggling with implementing Continuous Testing? Then, this may be the book for you—check out Blogger of the Month Kristin Jackvony’s thoughts on this practical guide for industry experts

The success of DevOps is reliant on Continuous Testing. In part 2 of this 2-part series, we’ll dive into how test teams can ensure their work is an asset to the team––not a drag! From a Continuous Testing strategy to rethinking your Automation, this article will ensure that your Continuous Testing is not only successful but actively contributing to the goal of DevOps: Quality with speed.

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